Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are as follows:

1. Your membership continues until expiration or cancellation by yourself or All American Discount Roadside Service.
2. All 24-hour roadside assistance services are provided by our affiliates.
3. This is not an automobile liability insurance policy.
4. This is not an automobile physical damage insurance contract.
5. Service obtained from any source other than All American Discount Roadside is not covered and is not reimbursable (unless provided with an authorization number).


24-Hour Roadside Assistance: You must call the toll free number provided in your membership packet for your 24-hour emergency roadside benefits.

IMPORTANT: Please be with your vehicle when the service provider arrives, as they cannot service an unattended vehicle.

a. Towing – All American Roadside Service will tow a member’ s disabled vehicle to the nearest capable repair facility or a facility of the member’ s choice with a $100 value limit.
b. Emergency Road Service – Any available contracted road service that is needed to get your vehicle running (i.e. hose replacement, or tightening of cables or bets, etc.) (Member is responsible for costs associated with any and all additional materials).
c. Essential Fluids or Supplies Delivery – Including gasoline, water, oil or any supplies necessary to send a member’s car on its way. (Member is responsible for costs associated with fuel or necessary liquids).
d. Flat Tire Changes or Repairs – Includes changing a flat tire with your good spare or plugging a punctured tire.
e. Emergency Battery Service – Includes tightening or cleaning of cables, jumpstarts, minor adjustments to the alternator, etc.
f. Lockout Service – Lost keys, broken keys, or accidentally locked out of your vehicle, we will send a locksmith. (Replacement keys or cost of producing such items are the member’ s responsibility and must be paid for directly to the service provider once services have been rendered).

Coverage: Available throughout the entire United States and Canada. Benefits are extended to the member, legal spouse, (domestic partner) and dependent children under the age of 18 – 21(depending on Plan Type). (Even when driving a friend’ s vehicle or a rental car.)

Note: If a covered member has used or been reimbursed for any of our services, at the time of cancellation, there will be NO refund granted.

The following terms are NOT included as part of the emergency roadside assistance benefit: Cost of parts, replacement keys, fluids, lubricants or fuel, cost or installation of products, material and additional labor related to towing. Disconnecting or reconnecting the drive shaft.

Non-Emergency towing or other non-emergency services.
-Trucks over one-ton capacity, taxicabs, limousines or other commercial vehicles.
-Towing from a service station, garage or repair shop.
-Towing by other than a licensed service station or garage; vehicle storage charges; a second tow.
-Service on a vehicle that is not in a safe condition to be towed.
-Towing or service on roads not regularly maintained, or removing of snow tires or chains.
-Towing at the direction of law enforcement officer relating to traffic obstructions, impoundment, abandonment, illegal parking or other violations of law.

We do NOT cover repeated service calls for a covered vehicle in need of routine maintenance or repair.

Note: Temporary Suspension, Cancellation, and Non Renewal. You may cancel your membership at any time simply by calling or writing to our Customer Service Center. We may temporarily suspend or cancel certain membership benefits during a membership period for excessive use* of the benefits and services we provide. Use of your emergency road or towing service benefit three (3) times under PLAN A or five (5) times under PLAN B within any one membership period will result in the automatic suspension of that benefit until the beginning of your next paid membership period. Throughout such suspension period, we will continue to attempt to dispatch a service provider to you if you call us for help. Keep in mind that, because we are such a large corporate account, it is likely that we can obtain a better rate for you than you could obtain for yourself. In such instances, these dispatches will be treated as a “cash call” and you will be responsible for paying for the full cost of any services rendered at the time of service.

We may cancel your membership during a membership period for any of the following reasons:

1. Failure to pay your membership dues;
2 .Material misrepresentations or fraudulent submission of a request for reimbursement; or
3. Excessive use* of the benefits and services we offer.

If we decide to cancel or to not renew your membership, we will send you (at your address in our membership records) prior written notice indicating the reason for such action. If we cancel your membership or if we decide not to renew your membership, we will provide you with at least 10 days notice.

*Excessive use is determined by, among other considerations, your length of membership, the number and/or dollar amounts of claims submitted, and the type of membership.

Reimbursement for Covered Services: Reimbursement is provided when a covered individual calls the emergency toll-free number and receives an authorization number. The individual then contracts service on their own from a licensed service provider in the business of providing such services. In the event, you should contract service on your own for any covered service and pay for that service out of pocket. You must submit your reimbursement request within 90 days of service. You must include your authorization number; the original, dated itemized receipt on the commercial letterhead of the service provider; and your name, address, and membership number. Send your request in writing with all the above-mentioned materials to Roadside Protect.


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